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In an effort to focus on what we do best, David Thorn Design & Project Management, formerly DTR Associates, Inc., has created a unique business model that allows us to provide the most efficient, cost effective, unique and detail-oriented projects in the industry.


The one common thread to all of our projects is that they are designed and managed by David Thorn, the principal of David Thorn Design & Project Management and the best outdoor visionary in the market.


Upon design acceptance, David Thorn hand selects a Dream Team for each project that includes landscapers, construction companies, hardscape specialists, stone masons, artists, lighting specialists and more that he feels is the best fit for the project. This allows each element to be done to perfection under the constant oversight and management of David Thorn. 


David Thorn is a true Outdoor Visionary. When not designing and managing premier landscapes, he is traveling the world, taking inspirational photographs and endulging in fine wines and food that become the inspiration for his work. Armed with only his iPhone, David has been able to capture the beauty in every day life.

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